lundi 8 juin 2009


Over the past several weeks, I have been immersing myself in the world of Spooks, and am currently on season four. Since I don't have BBC Canada and PBS airs the show too late for me to catch it, I've been watching the DVDs instead (which I can't complain about since the extra features are great!). I'm really enjoying this show but I notice that whenever I watch too many episodes in a row, my dreams are often bizarre and typically feature me running away or escaping from people; thus, I'm limiting my intake a little now so that I don't wake up feeling exhausted.

It's also starting to affect my thinking, which I wasn't aware of until I attended a conference last week where the speaker started talking about a file that the government has on him; my first reaction was "of course they do!" while a few others expressed surprise. I suppose we don't really hear much of CSIS here but I wonder what a Canadian version of Spooks would look like! Another sign that I've been watching too much Spooks: thinking that one of my pastors looked remarkably similar to Adam Carter and almost getting them confused with each other.

I'm glad I heard about this show a few years ago as I'm now hooked, although I first had to get past seeing some of the main characters as Jane Austen's heroes in television/movie adaptations (Matthew Macfadyen as Mr. Darcy; Peter Firth as Henry Tilney; Rupert Penry-Jones as Captain Wentworth) - this will probably be the case when I see Richard Armitage (albeit an Elizabeth Gaskell hero) in season seven as well. So far, the most hilarious character has been Jools Siviter (hey, he was in Sense & Sensibility; I'm sensing a theme here) but that only lasted for two episodes. Other than that, the storyline I'm most enjoying is the one between Adam and Fiona Carter - episode 3.10 was such a moving portrayal of a strong marriage, which isn't often seen on TV nowadays. The only frustrating thing about the show is that there is such a heavy turnover of actors/actresses that favourite characters don't always last that long!

Anyways, this show has been one of the reasons why I don't post very often so I thought I'd mention a little something about it :)

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