mercredi 8 avril 2009

Goal tracking

So here is an update on some of the goals that I've posted on here:

Fasting from unnecessary television: Most days are good; some aren't. When I was horribly sick a few weeks ago, I spent way too much time watching TV. I've also fudged a bit when it comes to what's "necessary" - I've included news and movies (which technically aren't on TV, ahem) in this category so I'm still pretty glued to the set. On the other hand, when I was sick, I probably spent half of that time watching British movies as well, so that was worth it :)
Guarding my tongue at work: I still need lots of prayer for this. Some days, I just have to bite my tongue. Unfortunately, I am encountering more and more situations by the day where I really need to heed James 3.
Bible reading plan: Hooray, three months and I've been able to read the Bible everyday without missing a day so far!
Health stuff: I'm getting worse with the exercise but doing better with the food.
100 books a year challenge: I am over a quarter of the way there but I'm slipping behind again.
Getting outside of the church/Christian bubble: I don't remember if this is something I've mentioned on here but it's been on my mind for a long time. I can say that being at home is definitely being outside of the bubble but I do want to get engaged with the community somehow.

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