vendredi 10 avril 2009

Around the sphere

A couple of fun things that have popped up in my feed reader:

- These little books are not only pretty but also look to be fun and brain-stimulating.
- The Telegraph lists some of the lead actors that have been cast for Emma 2009! So now I'll have a third Emma to add to my collection... (HT: AustenBlog)
- Ooh, this is a great idea for charging cell phones! It's definitely a way to avoid having to purchase yet another gadget and you can recycle/reuse at the same time :)
- I don't edit videos anymore, but wow.
- And yet another handy tip from Unclutterer: coupon organizers.
- An interesting definition of seeker-sensitive churches - I'd like to think my church is maybe more seeker-friendly than seeker-driven. I think the word 'seeker' just looks funny now.
- I still don't know what to call my professors when I see some of them from time to time; glad I'm not the only one.
- A great April Fool's Day joke from the folks at Boundless, ahem Boundful... or should it have been Bountiful?
- Hilarious/great. I didn't know such a site existed (nor should I, I suppose).

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