jeudi 12 mars 2009

A time to refrain

It's amusing that even the local news is talking about how people have given up social networking sites for Lent. I decided not to do that this year because I barely use it as it is and I'm constantly behind on catching up on messages, posts, etc. The worst is wishing people a happy birthday because it's awkward to do it a week in advance (which is probably how often I use the site) so I end up giving practically everyone a belated birthday wish instead. I guess the good news is that I'm not addicted :)

This year, I'm fasting from unnecessary television for forty days. To be honest, I don't tend to remember what I fast from or add to my Lenten season each year except for the first year I started practising Lent and the third or fourth year. That first year, I gave up pop, chocolate, and candy (why I picked three, I'm not sure - it is a good spiritual number though!). It's not that I love any of these things (except maybe dark chocolate) but I'm glad I fasted from them as I now don't drink pop at all and rarely eat candy. The other year was when I fasted from chips and that was much more difficult but again, it left me with the same result of not craving it as often or at all.

Now I'm hoping that curbing my television watching will help me to keep from turning to it automatically when I get home from work even after Easter. I can't recall if I've ever added anything to my life during Lent but some of my friends have done things like reading additional Bible chapters/verses each day. I think I'd like to find a book where you read a bit everyday for forty days and it's supposed to result in something - I'm not sure what topic I'd go for but I have a year to procrastinate on it!

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