dimanche 22 février 2009

Un mélange des choses

In light of the 25 things craze that is hitting Facebook, here's a much-shorter list about what's been happening in my life lately:

1. I celebrated Valentine's Day this year by going to a wedding at a funeral home. I'm not sure if/how I'll beat that in the future.
2. I finally had my first taste of Devonshire cream over a week ago and naturally fell in love with it. Good thing I can't make it myself or I'd be eating it all the time.
3. I just discovered that my Myers-Briggs has changed from being an ENFP to an ISFJ. Again, I don't take that much stock in these things but that's quite a drastic shift.
4. "With the economy the way it is", I am finding incredible clothing sales - which is great as I keep putting off having to buy work clothes.
5. The same follows with sales on books, although I've cleared over fifty titles from my bookshelves and am not that eager yet to fill them again.
6. Another good thing is that airfare has gone down; I just purchased tickets for a round trip at the cost of what I would have paid around three or four years ago!
7. I'm developing an aversion to eating out, and with the number of health inspection scares that are escalating, I'm glad I'll be mostly eating at home.
8. Wow, I'm one of the uninsured young adults this article speaks of, although my reason has to do with once again, "the economy" and its impact on my workplace.
9. I'm wondering if my constant and unexplainable fatigue can be attributed to a sleeping disorder. See above point about self-diagnosis :)
10. The one-year Bible reading plan I'm on is driving me nuts as it seems to jump from place to place without much reason or rhyme; I'll have to use a different plan next year.

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