vendredi 6 février 2009

Health goals

In an ideal world, I would love to:
- Get at least eight hours of sleep every night
- Exercise for half an hour everyday
- Eat more fruits and veggies
- Drink more water
(pretty basic, huh?)

I'm sloooowly getting there. The water thing is pretty convenient since I'm near a water cooler at work and since I have a sore throat nearly everyday now (not sure why). I'm also starting to have an aversion to eating out, which my stomach and wallet are grateful for. Sleep is still something that throws me for a loop; no matter how much sleep I get, I'm typically plain tuckered out by late afternoon. I've heard that if you exercise first thing in the morning, it keeps your metabolism up for the day and then you have more energy. Well, I've been exercising after dinner just to keep from falling asleep so I'm not sure if I should change that considering I'm like a zombie when I get up as well.

I think I'm healthier now than I was a few years ago in college when I mostly ate out and pulled all-nighters. If that's the case though, why are my eyes constantly droopy like I'm going to fall asleep at any moment? Sometimes when I'm running errands in the evenings, I worry that I look like the "Sleepy" dwarf and/or that I'll do what Rowan Atkinson did in Rat Race (that is, fall asleep while standing in a public place - was he in an airport when he did that? I don't remember...).

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