jeudi 9 octobre 2008

It's that time again

I always look forward to the Thanksgiving long weekend every year, mostly because my birthday usually falls on or around it, making it more special for me. The funny thing is that growing up, I never had the traditional turkey dinner - my family is simply too small. It actually wasn't until high school that I had my first taste of turkey. Now I can't escape these dinners, which is a good thing since I really like turkey, and a bad thing because I eat way too much turkey to make up for the lack of it. Anyways, enough talk of turkeys...

Along with these yummy dinners at my friends' houses, I also buy myself books that I can't justify buying the other eleven months of the year. (Do other people do this? Buying oneself gifts seems lame but my parents aren't really into gift-giving). Usually, I end up getting fiction books - a tradition which first started during my second year of college when my professor went to Paris and I spent the cancelled English class in a bookstore instead. I'd like to keep this up, if possible.

It feels silly thinking about this considering the state the economy is in but maybe it's my last chance to be frivolous? I'm not as worried as I maybe should be but I partly blame a report in the newspaper a few months ago that mentioned that the costs of books were going down (this was when gas prices were going way up). In any case, I'm late on my order this year because I'm waiting until a particular book gets released in a couple of weeks, so I guess I won't have any birthday reading to do this long weekend. Maybe I'll finally tackle that work reading!

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