lundi 29 septembre 2008

Lacking permanence

I don't have a desk at work. It's not that big a deal to me, but I definitely notice how not having a workstation affects the way I do things. I end up lugging all of my files around - although in a very handy carrying case that a year ago, I would have donated had it not been for my procrastination - wondering when I'll need to use a file drawer instead. In addition to this, I have to sign up every week to make sure that a workstation is reserved for me. I work apart from my team and listen to lots of chatter I don't really need to hear. These issues don't bother me too terribly as I've been able to adjust to all of them but I do miss having my own little space where I can keep things. There's just something about having your own personal place, especially when you're at it for so many hours a week.

What really made me think about this was a gift I received from my mom today. She bought me a small plant to celebrate something and she mentioned that I could put it on my desk. That was when I realized how I don't have anything permanent at work. Again, this is not a matter of great import (I do have a wonderful desk at home) but it was a bit sad to tell her I'd have no place to put the plant. I guess I can understand why people bother to take pictures and other little knick-knacks from home to make their workstations feel more comfortable. All I have before me is a sign-up sheet and the quickly-becoming-old joke that someone else needs my computer each time I leave it for a half-hour meeting....

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