mercredi 30 avril 2008

First reading

Yes, things have slowed down on here and in my life. I haven't been able to tackle all of the things on my to-do list yet but I like that I have some things to work on over the next few weeks.

I've been able to get back into the Bible again and I'll be finishing up my journey through the New Testament tonight. My goal will be to finish reading the historical books of the Old Testament this summer and then I can start with another go through the Bible in a year program come September.

One of my friends is reading the Bible for the first time. It's been neat to talk about some books with her and to hear her questions about it. When I first received the Bible, I was so adamant that I read it from start to finish; even though my friend suggested that I start in the New Testament, it didn't make any sense to me so away I went. My stubborn self soon ended up getting bogged down somewhere along the way in 1/2 Chronicles (probably) and I could see why she wanted me to not go through the Bible from cover to cover on my first reading. At the same time, I really enjoyed it and although it took me a while to get to the NT, I loved the building sense of anticipation that came as I read through the prophets. I suggested one of the gospels to my friend who hasn't read the Bible before and so I read the beginning of it as well just to see what she might be thinking. Since the accounts of Jesus' life are steeped in Jewish culture, law, and teaching, it makes sense to go through the OT to get the background on that. So now I'm wondering what else I can suggest to my friend so that she doesn't get overwhelmed with the entire Bible while also being able to better understand the parts that she is reading.

I remember that when I first went through the Bible, I needed a lot of help and explanations (I still do!). But what I treasure most from that time was how precious the Scriptures became to me and how I craved to know more and to read more. I hope that I don't lose this wonder and yearning after all those years of biblical studies. What a gift it is to me that God has brought this friend into my life and that I have an opportunity to view the Word of God with fresh eyes again. And I pray that through my friend's encounter with the the Written Word and the Living Word in Jesus Christ that she will be able to hear from God and that the Holy Spirit will give me the words to say in response.

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