vendredi 22 février 2008

Premature hooray

I am now 3/4 4/5 9/10 finished my Master's degree! This means that I still have five four two zero courses to finish, but I've been hard at work trying to get as many assignments as I can out of the way so that I can pretty much spend each day and night in the later half of March on my thesis. I have about half of the papers done for two courses, leaving me with just two more things to hand in for those classes. The biggest burden will be starting and finishing my distance ed in only one month (as opposed to the eight that they give you) since I have to get the transcripts sent to my school before grad. I feel so ridiculous in that I have to go through a nightmarish time again with distance learning, but I suppose it serves me right for having put it off since September (!). It's clear I still haven't learned anything since the last incident :)

I'm pretty sad that reading break is almost over as I have had a wonderful time finishing one course and working on other projects this past week. Family Day was lots of fun; I ended up spending it with my friends by making a grand meal together. I also attended a Homework Party, which was awesome because I got to catch up with my dear friend with whom I was supposed to have Thesis Club this semester. I'm hoping that if I keep plugging away at my work, I may be able to attend Thesis Club in March! Well, this school update isn't exactly riveting but I'm breathing a huge sigh of relief in that I'm slowly getting there. If I can have the energy and the discipline to get through next month, then April and May are going to be glorious (I pray).

I'm also trying to get a lot of work done this week because my friends and I are planning on going on a road trip next weekend and it'll be nice not to bring too much homework with me. I'll probably bring a few books because it'll be about fourteen or more combined hours of driving but I would much rather spend the time chatting and not thinking about school. I'm incredibly grateful that God has helped get me through this month so far and that I'm not feeling too overwhelmed with work... yet. Forgive me if the next series of posts on here are going to be very mundane blurbs about schoolwork - it's going to consume most of my time but I'm sure it'll be worth it in the end. And now to reward myself with a bit of dark chocolate for getting one step closer to graduation!

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