jeudi 14 février 2008

Holidays and writing

I'm inadvertently wearing pink - how appropriate for Valentine's Day :) I don't really celebrate this holiday, except for the fun cards that we used to give and receive in elementary school, so I'm treating it like every other day - somewhat like St. Patrick's Day since I'm not Irish. Truthfully, I'm more looking forward to Family Day since it'll be the first one that I've been able to celebrate in the last four years. I've spent the last three Family Days in Quebec, which is alright since it's typically our "out-around-the-town" day but it's not the same since a) there is no Family Day in Quebec and b) I'm far from my own family, defeating the purpose of the holiday. It'll also be good because it means my friends won't be in school or working that day, so maybe we can get together a little earlier for Bible study and not have to worry about leaving so late :)

It's been so nice writing a few more posts than in recent months even though I've been a little blogged-out lately. I started another blog this week for a school assignment and it's been filled with super-long and super-theological entries. I realize I'm writing less and less about what I'm learning in school on here, as opposed to how my blog was in the first few years, but I appreciate that I can dump whatever has been happening in my life into posts without having to cite sources or provide biblical references for every thought I have. I suppose that's one of the things you get used to in seminary, but it sure adds a lot of extra work when all you want to do is spout off what's in your brain or make lists like I tend to do.

So, in a non-academic writing style, here is what has been happening with me. Some of my dearest friends are now off on their first term on the mission field. I miss them terribly but am thrilled that they are actually out there doing frontier missions, which is what they have been preparing for the last several years of their lives. Another good friend is going to be heading off next week to do the same thing in a neighbouring country. The fun thing is that they'll be working with the same people group and learning the same languages (although with different organizations), so my hope is that I can maybe visit them in a few years and see how they're doing on the other side of the world :)

Also, a bunch of my classmates have just gone through the accreditation process with the school denomination, and it's made me think about whether I should seek accreditation or licensing/certification with either the other denomination or with my own. I figure that if I've spent the last few years in school getting trained in ministry and theology, that I might as well become "official" somewhere, but I'm not sure how and what this will look like. Going with the school denomination would be beneficial since I hear the process is quite rigorous and it would open me up to do global missions work with them, but I'm not so sure that I fit in with all of their views, theologically and otherwise. The flip-side is that I really like my own denomination, although I think the opportunities to work with them globally are more limited. I guess I'll have to wait and find out what God has in store for me after graduation so that I can make a more informed decision!

In terms of life after grad - something that one of my friends refers to as the 'question of the century' - I'm still not sure. I made a list the other day of all the things I want to do, but none of those things include uh, shall we say, active employment. I would like to get a job after I finish school, but I have all of these other things that I've been hoping to accomplish or experience as well. A couple of these items have been deferred for a while, and I keep telling myself that there's not another time in my life when I can necessarily do them (well, maybe there is and I'm unaware of it at this point, but still!). Anyways, I'm going to get back to reality and homework right now, and I'll leave those plans and dreams for another time when I'm finished with my coursework....

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