mardi 26 février 2008

Crashing down

I'm pretty bummed out, upset, frustrated, peeved, all of the above right now. It's an unusual state for me to be in, meaning that it takes a lot to get into that type of mood in the first place. I received a devastating letter today and I've been trying to process it all day long. Part of this processing has involved a lot of caustic comments floating around in my head that I've been trying to rein in. I'm hoping that I can make an appointment tomorrow to discuss the content of the letter - with as much grace as I can muster, given the situation. I'm honestly shocked and appalled and this letter has come at the worst time. I suppose I'm being a bit melodramatic so far but I'd rather be purposely vague at this point in case the letter is a mistake. Sometimes no news really is good news. I'm just sad that this bad news had to ruin a typically chipper day for me. But what a good day for prayer - that is my only consolation thus far. I'm glad I'm reading through Job right now as some of the laments in there are quite timely for me (although not to as severe an extent obviously). What remains for me is a lot of trusting in God, and that He will help me accept the circumstances if things turn for the worse - eek!

*Update: I've made my appointment. Now to figure out what to say, how to say it and leaving everything else in God's hands! Once it's all sorted out (or not, depending on the outcome), I'll be less ambiguous about it :)

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