jeudi 3 janvier 2008

Year in review

After coming across these CBC News review quizzes today, I wondered how I would fare between my hometown and the city that I resided in last summer. Not surprisingly, I did pretty horribly for the city that I spent the majority of my time in last year. There were more than a couple of questions that left me positively stumped, which makes me think that I've been a bit of a recluse with my schoolwork keeping me away from society.
On the other hand, I knew I'd do much better with the news from Quebec, so hooray for a better score on this quiz :) Maybe I'm more intentional about learning what's happening in Montreal since I'm not living there any longer; too bad the same can't be said about local news! I may be off to a good start so far though, knowing that Alberta is enforcing a smoking ban, that Calgary cat owners need to get licences, and that we are the first Canadian city to reduce trans-fats from restaurants.

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