jeudi 31 janvier 2008


So, the week that was supposed to be my "productivity" week has now become my sick week. I thought I managed to avoid catching the cold, flu, or whatever other sickness that has been floating around, but I couldn't escape after all. Within my Bible study group, there were two sick people and among my classmates, there were at least three - I suppose I was bound to have a case of the sniffles at some point! Perhaps it's a good thing that I caught it during retreat week since I didn't end up missing any classes. On the other hand, I would have loved to spend this time finishing up about five or so book reviews that I need to hand in and doing a bit more research work for my thesis. I can't believe it's already the end of January and I still have a million things to do, so much so that graduation may prove to be elusive :( Ack, I'm hoping I'll be back to normal as soon as possible so that I can tackle my homework. As much as being sick is a nice excuse for leisure reading (my brain couldn't really handle anything heavier than that) and watching a few period dramas, I am slightly concerned that grad is less than 3 months away and I still have such a daunting courseload! Maybe I should read a textbook tonight to try and redeem my sick week....

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