mercredi 10 octobre 2007

Seesawing back and forth

I think my Thanksgiving "weekend" was far too short, although I did manage to squeeze in a variety of things, such as attending a friend's wedding, assembling some furniture with my dad, hanging out with my best friend and her boyfriend, going to church, reading a few books, and eating two poultry dinners (one chicken and the other one turkey). I wish I could have fit more homework in there; that way I wouldn't have to play catch-up this week! It was nice to spend time with friends and family though and I'm grateful that I could take some time to just sit back and enjoy being with people. Wow, I have so many countless things that I am thankful to God for in my life :)

It's been a couple of interesting weeks for me as I've been readjusting to a tough semester (I think I may have mentioned this already so I may just be repeating myself here). I'm cutting back on a lot of things, most notably serving in ministry at my church somewhere. I felt absolutely guilty about this for all of September but finally realized that with my school demands, I had to be realistic. I still feel horrible that I'm in seminary and yet I'm not really participating in church life apart from the worship services and small group times - I wonder if this is common among other students? Sigh, I think I'll need to find a new topic to dwell about on here; this struggle between school and church is going to get the best of me for the next however many months until graduation!

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