vendredi 5 octobre 2007

A mini-breather

Happy October! I cannot believe that it has taken me this long to finally sit down and collect my thoughts. Things have constantly been on the go since my last post in August. After my best friend visited me for a few days in Montreal and I got to do all the touristy things with her, we headed down to New York City. What a blast that was! We took in Broadway, Times Square, Brooklyn and all the other prerequisite attractions like museums and walking tours. And the food... I cannot even explain how great it was (one exception was the pretzel street vendors). It was as if everything was done gourmet-style there; honestly, their grocery stores like Dean & DeLuca and Whole Foods Market are so aesthetically pleasing and delicious to take in. What an experience it was overall! It would have been nice to post a few things on here while I was on my trip, but it was so much better not having internet access on my vacation that when I got back, I almost didn't want to go online again - thus the very inconsistent updates on my blog.

Anyways, I've been back at school for over a month now and it still feels like I'm not quite in the academic mode yet, although I should be since I've been handing in a some papers already! I have an extremely heavy course load this semester because I couldn't complete one of my classes during the summer. I am going a tad insane with the amount of things I have to do (my to-do list is over two pages long now!) but I'm thrilled that I just have a year left in my program :) I cannot wait until school is finished; I'm starting to refer to things as AG - after graduation - now, which isn't too good on my morale at the moment! I'm praying that in the midst of all this busyness that I won't miss time with God. It's so tempting to think that I can work my relationship with God "later" but one thing that really hit me this summer was that "later" is "now". So the next few weeks of my life are going to be quite the adventure as I wrestle with figuring things out like priorities and deadlines. You'd think that after being a student for many years that I'd finally figure this one out, but nope!

Well, I haven't given up on this blog yet. In fact, I think I'll be starting another one for a school assignment but I don't think I'll keep that one up long-term. I'm still pretty content with this one and happy that I can still come back whenever and drop a little note. Ahh, life is good and it's nice to be home.

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