lundi 13 août 2007

A break of sorts

So July 2007 is the first month on here that doesn't have any entries. I'm tempted to change the date on this post just to keep my archives consistent but I'll leave it for now :) I ended up not having any time at all to blog last month because I was at the university studying French. Living in residence and being about twenty minutes away from the computer lab meant that any time I had on the Internet was restricted to (my attempt to) keeping up on emails and registering for my classes this next year (a very stressful ordeal that has yet to be finalized). Now that I'm back with my friends, I have a bit more time to sort through all these things but I hate that I'm so dependent on the web for everyday things. Isn't it dreadful that it is near impossible to be away from email and etc. for a prolonged period of time? I was able to stop blogging for over a month because I had no other choice but I think I'd have a much harder time ceasing all other Internet activity. I suppose the problem lies with me and how much of my life is starting to become online... everything from buying textbooks to putting holds on books at the library to planning vacations, ahh!

Anyways, less of a rant and more of an update. I'm finished my French classes and am now on a mini-vacation. In a few days, my best friend will be flying out to Montreal to see me and then we'll both be heading down to the States for some travelling. I'm really excited as this is the perfect end to a summer of homework (first for my spring class and then for my language courses) and it'll be nice to have company as I make my way home. I've been homesick for a little while but it's been coming in stages. It was horrible when I was living in dorms but now that I've moved out, I know I'm really going to miss it here. I am happy that I'll be back in a few weeks but it feels a bit unreal at the same time. That's life in a nutshell for me lately - unexplainable but good. God has been faithful and I've had different opportunities to talk about Him and to Him throughout this summer internship. It's also nice knowing that I'm not the only one on an internship this summer and going through a weird transition period; I just met someone yesterday who is going through the same thing as me - currently completing a "stage" and going back to school in the fall for another year. While it is a lot to absorb, I'm glad I have a chance today to relax and think back on everything!

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