lundi 18 juin 2007

I exist!

Goodness, I haven't updated on here much since I've arrived in Montreal! In fact, it took Esther's post to prompt me to write something :) It was cool to finally meet her and I'm glad she got to come out to my friend's launch party. Hurray for another Montreal blogger!

Here are a couple of things that I've been able to experience over the past few weeks in point-form:
- Eating lots of crêpes
- Consuming an abundance of Nutella
- Going inside the Chinese restaurant on Gouin and Sources
- Visiting Laval and the South Shore
- Exploring the Plateau
- Checking out the St. Viateur Street Festival
- Seeing a Quebecois television celebrity walk his dog (but not knowing who he was at the time)
- Watching the Simpsons in French
- Living with four other Quebecois roommates
- Gorging on desserts galore!
- Walking all over downtown to help a friend promote her album
- Helping out with a friend's launch party
- Getting takeout at Schwartz's
- Riding the Metro to destinations not previously encountered
- Carrying on odd conversations in Franglais
- Enjoying the Grande Bibliothèque (and meeting the decorum police there)
- Suffering from the humidity
- Walking on the Main during the Fringe Festival at least 4-5x
- Discovering that the closest grocery store is on a touristy/historical street
- Attending my French church and my English church
- Seeing a deck get built in our backyard
- Experiencing a "Chinese fondue"
- Playing volleyball and getting sunburned on my ear
- Finding out the delightful world of entrepôts
- Listening to great Quebecois music
- Running into several film shoots throughout the city
- Having wonderful spiritual conversations with friends
- Sharing my story of why I'm here with people I haven't met before
- Travelling to the West Island and remembering how long the journey is
- Hanging out with my French family from last year
- Taking many walks around the neighbourhood
- Being in awe of how amazing Montrealers are at parallel parking
- Walking to the Old Port with friends
- Wishing that my two papers were finished with already
- Picking up interesting Quebecois slang (and forgetting some of it)

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