samedi 23 juin 2007

Getting there

Well, I just handed in one of my assignments for my spring course and have just one more thing looming about me - the dreaded research paper. I'll probably work on that when I'm in Laval since I won't have as much incentive to go downtown (even if the Metro is there now, albeit a half hour away from me). So after this research paper is finished (what a glorious day that will be), I will be free to focus on my French classes and another internship/stage class I'm taking this summer. The only reprieve I'll get from all this schoolwork will be in the second half of August, which is only two months away :) Then, I'm back at it again for my last year in my program!

I'm so amazed at how God has brought me to where I am today, most notably in Montreal. The other day, I was thinking back to all the choices that have faced me and how my life would have turned out so differently if I had picked the other roads. For instance, if I had accepted the university's offer to go into nursing, would I later learn that I hated it or would I grow to love that occupation and be a nurse today? And what would have happened if I had not continued at Bible/Christian college and went into media/film studies as I intended halfway through? I suppose that would have meant I'd never meet the wonderful people I know here in Montreal. I guess those were big choices that led to such drastic changes in my life, but they were also precipitated by smaller decisions. All this to say, I love that God is in control and that I can always trust Him to bring about the greatest good in my life. So many things have happened that would otherwise be unfathomable.

Oh yeah, yesterday was my 4th blogiversary, wow!

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