jeudi 17 mai 2007


I've been feeling extremely lethargic as of late, both in an attempt to "catch up" on as much rest as I can from this past semester (even though that's technically not possible) and to avoid thinking of all of the things I have yet to do. Very counterproductive, I know. I might as well just tackle my projects rather than continuing to delay them. I remember reading a fun quote from a blog about four years back that said something along the lines of "oversleeping won't make your daydreams come true" and I admit I've fallen into that lately. I keep daydreaming that all of my papers are done and I can just relax, only to find myself waking up a few hours later than I intended. Well, I suppose that is one way of relaxing, at the cost of actual productivity :) Since I already have a running trend of mundane homework updates on here, I'll just quickly list what things I have left before the end of the month: book responses, 500 pages of reading, annotated bibliography, research paper and a final exam. No wonder packing, shopping and sleeping all look so appealing!

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