mercredi 16 mai 2007

Media and such

I don't know why I didn't find this out sooner, but it wasn't until last week that I stumbled upon quite a selection of BBC videos in our public libraries! First, there was the shock that I overlooked one of my favourite places to hang out as a source to feed into my BBC addiction. Second, there was the ecstatic joy that I could now watch a number of movies and miniseries without having to order them off of Amazon! Not many people know that I'm a closet BBC junkie but it's hard to hide when I admit that I'd rather see some British adaptation of a Charles Dickens or Jane Austen novel than anything playing in the theatres. Honestly, nothing that has come out from Hollywood in the past few years has garnered my attention, with the exception of Pride and Prejudice; the last time I went to the movie theatre was over a year ago at the insistence of a friend. The same thing goes for TV shows. For instance, I made sure to catch the series finale of The Vicar of Dibley (hilarious - apart from Owen's crude humour - and a nice wrap-up if not a tad unbelievable with the sudden wedding) but I know that I would otherwise be completely clueless when it comes to whatever sitcoms and dramedys my friends are currently watching (Lost? Heroes? Huh?).

Since I don't have BBC Canada, I've had to feed my thirst for British programming through Songs of Praise on Vision TV and BBC World News on KSPS or CBC Newsworld. And how can I forget Doctor Who?! I've also become a fan of British real estate shows like Location, Location, Location and Relocation, Relocation (Phil and Kirstie more than make up for those long titles). On a side note, I've determined that British design shows aren't that great but I do prefer their real estate shows to anything that is American. I guess this love for British programming also affects my reading habits. Right now, I'm in the middle of an Elizabeth Gaskell novel and I hope to be starting another book by George Eliot soon :)

I'm mostly chuckling at my strange media consumption - it's funny to picture a Chinese girl in Cowtown who loves all things British-related. When I consider the fact that I don't like anything that's remotely Asian but instead enjoy things such as listening to music with bagpipes, studying the Tudor Dynasty or reading classic works of literature (thank you English Honours class for introducing me to Beowulf and Chaucer) - it's an interesting anomaly. Can you imagine what I'll be like if I end up making my way across the Atlantic?!

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