mardi 15 mai 2007

May updates

Wowzers, this is one of the longest stints I've had in between posts on here! I figured I'd have to give something up during my "end-of-semesteritis" but I didn't think I'd neglect my blog that badly. The good news is that I finished everything for my classes; it's such a blur now that I'm not sure how I got through it. I am so thankful to God that He enabled me to tackle things one-by-one. It's a miracle I didn't have a breakdown with all the assignments I had! Now I'm facing the same situation as I try to finish up my spring course. I'm hoping I can just buckle down and plow through it all so that I can get ready for my summer in Montreal. I suppose I am going through my seminary experience at full-force - spring classes, summer internship and another year left in my program. At this rate, I won't get a break until next year :)

Anyways, much of what I've written on here has been school-related and I worry that it comes across as complaining. I hope I'm not conveying that; I have been greatly enjoying my coursework and the incredible things I've been able to learn about from the Bible and in theology. I guess most of my stress should be attributed to my lack of diligence regarding getting things done rather than on the course requirements themselves. Funny, the last time I felt I was really on top of things was back in grade 7, when I actually took on extra-credit assignments because I finished everything we did in class. I wonder where all that motivation went? I hope I have enough to tide me over until I'm done being a professional student!

Apart from the world of school, I've been doing well. A bunch of my friends graduated last month and it was wonderful to celebrate with them all. Other good friends came back from the mission field and it's been nice to see them again and to hear their stories. Others are preparing to leave for their 4-year terms, which seems so unreal. Well, I suppose I should be getting on with my papers. I don't want to fall into that stress again, especially as I get ready to leave in just a few weeks as well. Ahh student life - it's the only thing I know at this point!

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