vendredi 25 mai 2007

Life pre-travelling

At this point, I have to admit that I'm a bit worried about getting everything ready before I move out east this summer. My spring class, as interesting as it is, is also quite demanding - in fact, I have to write a final exam this weekend! It's hard knowing that I won't be able to give my personal best to it but I guess that's reality. I have to curb my perfectionistic tendencies at some point, so I might as well start now ;) I read through some time management book earlier this year for one of my leadership classes and it listed a variety of reasons why people procrastinate; I think I've always known that my cause is perfectionism. I'm trying to be much better about starting things earlier but alas, I have not succeeded this time around for the spring semester. I just had too many things to do and even if I did temporarily kick my procrastination habit, I still would have been behind. Thus, I will have to lug my research with me across the country, which is horrible because it will make for heavier luggage and because it'll detract from the whole idea of "summer".

The one thing I don't tend to be late on though is packing. For some reason, I really enjoy the process of preparing a list and comparing it to previous packing lists and then calculating what I would need and such. I probably like it because it's analytical or something. But I am happy that I've been able to sneak in shopping a couple of times these past few weeks to get the things I need. Just one more shopping excursion and I should be ready (I'm making it a point to buy most of what I'll need beforehand because taxes double once I hit Quebec). I do have a lot from my previous time in Montreal but I go so often that my travel stuff depletes pretty quickly. Anyways, here's to hoping that I can complete everything that needs to be done before I go. God has been so good to help me get through a lot, but I know that I'm not being the best steward of time either. Sorry, Lord!

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