lundi 21 mai 2007

From one strike to another

Grrreat. I'll be going from one potential transit strike here in Calgary (pending 72-hour notice) to another that will most likely take place in two days in Montreal. Having lived through the Calgary transit strike that happened six years ago, I know that if another strike is called anytime soon, it will be even more chaotic with the large numbers of people that have moved here since. I'm also worried about the looming strike in Montreal - I've become so transit-dependent over there that I simply won't have any options of getting around except for the kindness of my friends. I am grateful that I'll be living close to downtown this time so that I won't have to traverse across the whole island to possibly use the limited Metro and bus service. I know other people will be in even worse pickles. Well, no sense in dwelling on it now, not when I still have numerous assignments to finish up before I can even get on that plane! I'm hopeful that things will work out, one way or another.

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