vendredi 18 mai 2007

Customer service

I always thought it was terrible having to deal with customer service what with all that waiting for who knows how long and talking to sometimes overly-grumpy individuals, but I never would have imagined such a painful experience could result from a simple mathematical misunderstanding. This extremely exasperating phone call demonstrates how the concept of 100fold should make a huge difference in payment charges, only to be glossed over by two customer service representatives. The story behind this incident is quite incredible as well. The man is so patient in trying to describe his dilemma for almost half an hour but to no avail; the good news is he does eventually receive a refund, although without a proper explanation from the company. Maybe metricization wouldn't be such a bad idea after all? Wow, this makes me wonder how I sound on the phone when I'm trying to explain to telemarketers (yes, different scenario I know) that I'm not interested in their products/services. I'm just grateful I haven't had to endure such a trying situation with any company to this man's extent!

Favourite line: Something to the effect of dollars versus cents being a matter of opinion... what?!

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