mercredi 7 février 2007

Canadian learning and eating

When I saw the headline, "Students stage protests over high tuition fees, I naturally assumed that it was referring to Quebec students. The article is actually about all Canadian students, but I find it funny that I've seen student protests/marches/demonstrations in Quebec regarding the high tuition when it's much, much less than what the rest of the country pays. Tuition is too high - I know of friends who are going to be paying back student debts well into the next decade. It's too bad that learning has to come at such a steep price and if you're preparing for ministry, how much more of a burden is it going to be knowing that you won't be earning as much as is needed to pay back the government?

In more uplifting news, did you know that you can get a free copy of the new Canadian food guide or that you can create your own? This bit of news makes me happy; I've had the same food guide hanging on the refrigerator since 1992. It hasn't changed drastically since then but the idea of having a personalized version is great. I love that it provides examples of food alternatives and recommended servings and that you can pick what you normally eat for your own guide!

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