jeudi 15 février 2007

À bientôt

This is the third year that I will miss Family Day, a uniquely Albertan holiday, which is no longer ours to solely claim since Saskatchewan has decided to follow us. Speaking of that province, what's with all those "come to Saskatchewan" ads taking over the C-trains?! You can hardly enter one now without getting bombarded by posters trying to convince you to move next door. Anyways, that wasn't the point of this post - I just wanted to mention that I'll be in Quebec for the remainder of the month. I'll be spending my reading break on a missions trip and while I'm terribly excited about being back in Montreal, I'm panicked beyond belief with how behind I am going to be in all of my classes. If there's one thing that is different between seminary and college, it's that extensions are no longer a given. Ahh, the privileges I've allowed myself to become accustomed to... must I now suffer? ;)

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