mercredi 27 d├ęcembre 2006

Post-Boxing day

Goodness it's been a while! Christmas has come and gone, just like that. In past years, I've always been on top of holiday preparations - my gift-buying and card-writing are usually finished by the start of December. However, this year really got the best of me! I ended not getting gifts for others and for the first time since junior high, neglected to send out Christmas cards. So, here's a belated Merry Christmas; I hope that you and your loved ones had a wonderful celebration of the Lord's birth :)

We finally have that white Christmas snowstorm now (a few days late, like me), which I have to say is more festive than the warm 15 degrees we had on Christmas Eve last year. I'm sad that I didn't prepare myself during Advent as much as I wanted to; I hope not to repeat this year's experience again! On the other hand, I have had a chance to savour the break from school. I'm in the process of organizing all my books and school stuff so that I can get a head start on my semester. Not very relaxing, but it's such a nice change from writing papers! After all this fun organizing, I'll get started on reading some textbooks - including some that I got for Christmas, yay! - along with all the fiction that I can take on without becoming a complete sloth. Oh who am I kidding, I need those New Year's resolutions now. Have a great remainder of the Christmas season everyone!

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