mercredi 13 d├ęcembre 2006

Last assignment

I wanted to blog a bit more during these past weeks but I was bombarded with so many papers that I obviously didn't. This explains why I have a huge backlog of emails to respond to along with Christmas preparations that I've badly neglected. The good news is that since I last wrote on here, I have written eight papers! Tonight is my last stretch before I write my final exam - I'm going to have to expend as much energy as possible on this last assignment (insert rhetorical question of if I have any energy left at this point). I listened to nearly seven hours of Josh Groban last night (!) and I think I'll be adding another nine to that now. It's been nice listening to mostly non-English/French music so that my brain can think about other things... hypothetically.

I've been asked several times what seminary has been like. Honestly, it's not that the content is all the more challenging - although some aspects have been - but that the workload has increased so much. Instead of writing maybe 20 papers a semester for five courses, I'm now writing about 35 papers for four courses. I'm not complaining because I do enjoy what I'm learning and the opportunity I have to research stuff, but wow! I'm not sure what I'll do with myself when Christmas break starts and I don't have to hand in several papers each week ;)

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