samedi 2 d├ęcembre 2006

A final sprint

It's already December! I keep telling myself at this point that if I can finish all of my assignments for the next two weeks that I will be a quarter through my program! It's a motivating thought but the task is still daunting. Continuing in my usual habit of posting homework lists, here is what I'm facing right now:
- Theology research paper
- Commentary reading report
- Exegetical research paper (This is the one I am most stressed about! I'll be writing on a topic that my professor did his dissertation on - gahh!)
- "Interactive" book report
- Course summary paper
- Habit formation evaluation
- Grading defense

Oh my, seeing it all laid out like that makes me realize I can't afford to procrastinate much longer! I've been pretty preoccupied with getting as much done early as I can so that my semester can end sooner but admittedly, efforts have been falling short. It's going to be a fun week coming up though - I'll be attending an engagement party and possibly a Christmas banquet. I'm just so excited that I have about five days of classes left and then I'm free!

I'm getting there! I've noticed that every time I update even the smallest thing that my site feed actually records it... that hasn't happened before, hmm.

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