mardi 28 novembre 2006

You all

I wish there was a word that we could use for the plural of "you" in English. It would definitely aid in Bible reading so that we could see if Jesus was addressing "you" as in everybody or "you" for a specific person - without having to look at the footnotes or a Greek Bible, that is. When I parsed Greek I learned to always write "you (pl.)"; this became second-nature after a while but probably wouldn't work if I submitted it in a paper. I absolutely refuse to ever say or write the term "y'all", which I suppose is the closest you could get to a pluralized "you" in our language (whether or not it's utilized outside of the southern states is another question). It's nice that French has retained the vous for cases like this.

Side note: I'm glad I took Greek for fun, seeing as how it's somehow helped me fit in with the other seminarians (even though my Mounce system differs from their Goetchius) - now I just need Hebrew. Um, maybe not. Besides, I'd like to think that I'm more of a Greek personality :)

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