dimanche 26 novembre 2006

Start of the season

The end of the semester is somewhat in sight and I'm encouraged that December is nearly here! Of course, it means that I'll be scrambling about trying to finish all my assignments and get my research finished, but hooray - it's almost Christmas!

I'm excited about the Christmas concerts coming up at my church and my college, and about celebrating the message of Christ during this special time of the year. It's incredible that there is so much opportunity to speak about Jesus and His birth, and I pray that I will be able to share the Good News with others. In fact, it was a conversation about Christmas with a friend that led to my hearing of the Gospel for the first time in my life (and don't think that it's limited by the time of year either - I had this conversation in August!).

Admittedly, I've been feeling bombarded by the commercialism of this season, but we had a message at church today about how the "Gift" that came to us from God is truly the one gift worth giving to others! It's easy to get caught up with buying presents for other people and rather than feeling discouraged at all the things I need to do, I want to rejoice that we have such a season where we can reflect on the birth of the Saviour and delight in the wonder of the Incarnation of our Lord. I know it's something we ponder everyday anyways but having it marked out on our calendars and etched into our way of life around this time just makes it all the more special.

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