jeudi 2 novembre 2006

More prayers

I've had a busy week lately, part of that whole midterm-papers-panic time in the semester, but here are more of those Catholic prayers and notes that I found in addition to the first set:

Blessing of Religious Articles (Short Formulary)
- To be used to bless medals, small crucifixes, statues, or pictures that will be displayed elsewhere than in a church or chapel; scapulars, rosaries and other articles used for religious devotions.

Summary of Christian [Catholic] Beliefs
- That the 7 sacraments were instituted by Christ to give us grace; especially, that Baptism is necessary and that the Eucharist is a pledge of our future glory.
- That Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture, which together form one sacred deposit of the Word of God, are entrusted to the church.
- Whatever God teaches us by His Church, who in her teaching cannot deceive us or be deceived (infallibility of the Pope).

The 6 Precepts of the Church
1. You shall attend Mass on Sundays and holy days of obligation.
2. You shall confess your sins at least once a year.
3. You shall humbly receive your Creator in holy Communion at least during the Easter season.
4. You shall keep holy the holy days of obligation.
5. You shall observe the prescribed days of fasting and abstinence.
6. You shall provide for the material needs of the church.

Mixed Marriages
- Marriages between a Catholic and a baptized Christian who is not in full communion with the Catholic church are called mixed marriages.

- An indulgence is partial or plenary according as it removes either part or all of the temporal punishment due to sin. It may be applied to the living or the dead: through indulgences the faithful can obtain - for themselves and also for the souls in purgatory - the remission of temporal punishment resulting from sin.

Brief Examination at Night
- Ask your guardian angel for light to acknowledge your defects and virtues.
- Make an act of contrition, sorrowfully asking our Lord's pardon.
- Pray 3 Hail Marys to the Virgin Mary, asking for purity of heart and body.

Offer your day to God through the intercession of our Lady.

The Mass: The Sacrifice of the Church

Trinity on Earth: Joseph, Mary, Jesus

Priest: Representative of Christ

Baptism: Remission of original sin.
Phew! Pretty different from Protestant Christianity eh? After learning some of this, I couldn't believe how many things there were within the Catholic faith that needed to be done in order to be a "good Catholic", a term I recall seeing in the beginning of the book. I asked my Catholic friend about Ephesians 2:8-10 and she replied that it has always been faith and works for her (and not of the James sort either). She didn't realize that Protestants believed that faith alone was enough which really surprised me. All this to say, I am so very grateful that Jesus' sacrifice was once for all and that I don't need to do anything to add to that other than to accept Him into my life. My poor memory wouldn't be able to handle much more than what Romans 10:9 says: "That if you confess with your mouth, 'Jesus is Lord,' and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved."

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