samedi 11 novembre 2006

Blog ramble

I didn't think I'd see this headline in the batch that I usually see after signing out of Hotmail but it doesn't surprise me: Blog-Proof Your Kids. The practice of blogging isn't new but I suppose it's finally become mainstream enough to warrant articles about parental caution. When I first used the internet ten years ago, my friends and I had our own personal websites but those pre-blogs were pretty geeky compared to how they look today. I remember neon colours, sparkly text, scrolling marquees and a plethora of other web effects gone crazy all on one page! I'm sure glad it's tamed down since then. My sites/pages from junior high would probably be very embarrassing to look at now :) I don't think what we did then was as dangerous so it's sad to see how things have "progressed".

This statement was surprising though: Recent studies show that teenagers write roughly half of all blogs today. When I first started "officially" blogging (on the joy that is Blogger), I figured most bloggers were middle-aged men and that us college students were the young'uns in the blogosphere. I guess I didn't consider the junior high/high school websites as blogs but they must be if that's what this statistic is saying for teens. I'm wondering if this number also includes things like MySpace blogs and whatever else there is. I don't read any teen blogs which means I'm missing half of what's going on in the blogosphere - if this statistic is correct. Interesting.

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