lundi 23 octobre 2006

Cornucopia of thoughts

1. It has been many a day since I've signed into Blogger now that I'm trying to cut back on Internet time to work on homework instead.
2. I feel a bit guilty that I've neglected this blog so much but relieved that I've been able to do other things like read or catch up on errands.
3. I'm saddened to hear the latest news of Quebec's plans for sovereignty by 2015.
4. What's worse is the indifference of young Western Canadians who could care less about this separation issue.
5. Admittedly, I was one of those indifferent people back in 1995 (although my excuse is that I was a little kid and Quebec didn't affect me then as it does now).
6. I don't know why I don't listen to French radio more often. It's been pleasant to hear bands like Malajube and Les Cowboys Fringants again.
7. I get to return to Quebec in just a few months (providing I survive this semester)!!
8. In non-Quebec/French news, I'm getting there with my clutterless room. I'm waiting until Christmas break when I can finish what I had planned to do this summer - purge through all the papers I've collected since kindergarten!
9. I found this "Praying with Scripture" booklet from my first year of Bible college and realized that there are really bizarre things in there I didn't notice before.
10. Such as: "Posture - Relaxed and peaceful. A harmony of body with spirit."
11. And, "Read aloud or whisper in a rhythm with your breathing - a phrase at a time - with pauses and repetitions when and where you feel like it."
12. I think I've mentioned before how uncomfortable I am with this type of theology but I'll leave it at that.
13. I just finished a great book on evangelism for one of my courses which I recommend: Evangelism for "Normal" People. It's even on sale for ten bucks less than I had to pay for it (sigh, the fluctuating market of books which I can never benefit from)!
14. God has been teaching me so much through one of my Old Testament classes and I have really enjoyed spending this year taking a deeper look at the OT books.
15. I'm going to get back to my assignments now but I don't think I'll be as sporadic this time around on posting. After all, term papers are coming up and the opportunity for procrastination abounds!

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