lundi 9 octobre 2006

Accumulated papers

Well, I think I've gotten the hang of school now. I've figured out that I need to spend about three times as many hours reading textbooks as I did before in college. And I've also noticed that the lengths of my papers haven't increased... yet. Currently, I'm in the process of sorting through all of my previous papers and school memos, tossing whatever I don't need. It's quite a daunting task; I didn't realize that four years could amount to a shelf full of paper! Maybe I should leave all that work until after the semester's over, so I can actually focus on homework instead ;)

Amidst all this paperwork, I've been thinking about the differences between Bible college and seminary. The biggest one is that there is no longer a "bridal college" mentality, although I did hear one single guy get greeted with "Hey, you getting married yet?" It's funny that when I found a mailbox list from my first year of Bible college and counted all the people that I knew of who got married as a result of going to the school, it was in the 50+ students range (75+ in total if I count those that didn't have a bridal college connection). It's not like that anymore.

Another difference is that most seminary students are older and in the working world, so I only see certain people once a week. There aren't as many full-time students as I thought there would be, so I've only met people in passing apart from the three or four people that are in two or more classes with me. I have incredible awe for people who are able to juggle family, work, school and church responsibilities all at once. I feel terrible because I've had to cut back on some things just to keep up with my courses. I wonder if I should pick up some super-sonic-speed-reading technique, as that would help me greatly!

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