mercredi 13 septembre 2006

Rainy day

Well, I ended up not taking the extra class so I hope it comes around again next year!

I've been pretty occupied this past week doing homework for my courses, not realizing just how much there was to do. I have two papers due this week along with reading entire textbooks at once (gone are the days of reading a few assigned chapters). The first book that I had to tackle was a Volf book that required a bit more attention than I usually give to textbooks. I later found out that it's one of the more difficult readings, which was a relief since I thought it was standard level!

I was in the middle of a break during class today when one of my classmates told us that "a Columbine happened in Montreal". My mind immediately raced to all of my friends and to which school it could have been. It turned out to be Dawson College, where I do know someone who is studying design there. The news is still coming in so I'm just praying as I watch TVA and RDI and read some news online. Esther has written a more detailed post about the shooting at her blog and updates are being provided at Metroblogging Montreal.

Lord, I pray that in such a terrible time as this that people will turn towards You and seek refuge in You... Trust in him at all times, O people; pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge. - Psalm 62:8 / Mon salut et mon honneur reposent sur Dieu. Mon rocher protecteur, mon refuge, c'est lui. - Psaume 62:8

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