mardi 19 septembre 2006


I am such a procrastinator - a theme that has probably been repeated in every other post on here. I can actually pinpoint it back to grade eight when I decided that I was way too diligent in grade seven with all my extra-credit assignments that I didn't even receive credit for doing! Somehow my brain came up with this regrettable thought: "That's it. No more doing things on time; I'm going to act like a normal teenager!" Well, act like whatever my opinion was of normal teenagers at that time (I probably had no clue).

Unfortunately, it's continued until now and it's really making seminary difficult for me. It shouldn't be because I'm not in the same boat as most other students who have to juggle marriage, kids and work. I really am blessed that I don't have all these other things in my life yet I keep putting myself into situations where I put off schoolwork until later and later. It's like Paul says, "I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do." Ahh, so frustrating!

One of my profs gave a blurb about procrastinators which labels me to a tee:
- They overestimate the time they have left to complete the task.
- They underestimate the time they need to complete the task.
- They overestimate the motivation they will have later.

I don't think I have this problem when I work, only when I'm in school. But I pray that I can learn good habits and curb the bad ones before I enter the working world. I'd hate to still be dealing with this after I finish school!

Procrastinator's tip: While conducting research on the internet, somehow through some very bizarre chain of events you can end up finding a hilarious music video from high school.

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