samedi 16 septembre 2006

Guidelines on Christian living

To have a list of guidelines to live by restricts the freedom that the Holy Spirit gives us and reduces the Christian faith to nothing more than regulations to abide by. That being said, it would be dangerous to live the Christian life without having any guidelines on morality and personal ethics. To have no moral grounding is to chip away at our foundation of living by continuing to walk on loose ground.

As the Holy Spirit guides and convicts us, we are responsible for heeding His direction and avoiding that which causes us to stumble. While a universal code cannot be applied for all Christians, living by the Spirit requires that we apply a moral rigour to our own lives because it honours our Lord. Jesus lived a life of the utmost piety and devotion to holiness.

If we think that we can live apart from principles and guidelines that may aid us in holy living, we are deluding ourselves. Our fallen nature gives us a slippery slope to fall down on - we need these guidelines to help us up. Though we no longer live under the law, we are by no means to engage in unlawful behaviour willingly. Placing standards in our life that brings us closer to God enables us to walk in the Spirit, with His help. If we are so fearful of falling into legalism, it may just as well lead us to the other extreme of antinomianism.


I used to scribble my reactions to comments made in class in the back of my notebooks. I didn't always get a chance to speak aloud so I would just write it down. This blurb came from a church history class probably a year and a half ago.

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