jeudi 7 septembre 2006

First week thoughts

I am extremely exhausted (transit wears me down like nothing else) but I'll post a little bit on how my week has been going so far. I've started most of my classes and am a bit overwhelmed at how much homework I have; thus, I will have to trust God to help me through the semester! It's fun being at a different school - the whole getting lost experience and not knowing anybody at the same time makes me feel like I'm just out of high school all over again. However, everyone I've met has been extremely friendly and I'm really enjoying this next stage of my life.

The great thing about seminary is that it is a continuation of what I've been learning in Bible college where I get to delve deeper into the things I love studying. It definitely makes me aware of what I don't know :) I'm in an upper-level theology course and already, my brain has been doing some gymnastics. I am taking an Old Testament course as well and it's going to be wonderful diving into the Prophetic books (my professor has commented that this oft-neglected part of the Bible is larger than the whole New Testament!). I'll also be involved with mission teams and a missions course although not at my school. Overall, I'm still nervous about what my year will look like but I pray that in all things, Christ will be glorified in me and through me. Depending on whether I'm taking an additional course next week or not, I probably won't be updating this until after that but here's to the start of the new academic year!

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