mercredi 16 août 2006

Trip planning

I was so excited when I heard that Calgary Transit was planning on introducing a Trip Planner on their website, similar to what I used on Montreal's Tous Azimuts. I've been looking forward to using it ever since I got back but I'm pretty disappointed and frustrated that there is one basic thing I can't do on it. This is what the planner says: Do not use hyphens, unit/suite numbers, street types (i.e. St., Ave., Pl., Blvd.) and directional indicators (i.e. NE, NW, SE, SW). This borders on ridiculous when I can't put in my destination if all I have is an address (which obviously uses street types and directional indicators, i.e. quadrants)! It isn't completely terrible because they do provide a list of places - the places of worship list is very impressive - but I would think that providing both the option of inputing an address and typing out landmarks would work best. Hmpfh, this is one thing I do miss about STM - their trip planner is absolutely fantastic. I hope that Calgary's will eventually reach that level; I guess I'll continue planning my trips the old-fashioned way with transit maps and maybe a phone call here and there!

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