mardi 8 août 2006


I think the minute I get high speed internet (one day in the very distant future), I will download as many online sermons as I have time to listen to. I'm still on dial-up as I have been since the days of free internet with 3web seven years ago. I remember being so excited to finally upgrade from a 14.4k modem to a 28.8k modem, and then to 56k four years ago. It hasn't been too much of a problem remaining on dial-up as I've already acclimated to waiting while sites load and programs download. I think the waiting is good for me because instant internet would probably be addictive; I can already hear thoughts of, "You mean I don't have to wait half an hour for a news clip to load... what year is this?!" and "I don't have to download this at midnight to avoid missing incoming calls? Crazy!" In the meantime, I can continue learning patience as a virtue.

On a non-technology note, I've been realizing lately that I have a lot of worship music. I didn't notice this until today when I was listening to my music on random and Randy Travis came up, singing "Open the Eyes of My Heart". That's right, Randy Travis, Open the Eyes of My Heart. I didn't even know this existed. (If you're wondering, it's off of WOW Worship Red). There has been a movement within Christian music for a while now where practically every artist has released a worship album. Not that there's anything bad about this - although I do have to say how tired I get of Christian fads - but I hate for "worship" to be considered a trend. I read this comment somewhere some time ago: "How many versions of 'I Could Sing of Your Love Forever' do you need, really?" Ooh, did you know that there's a WOW Worship Aqua? I'm looking forward to hearing what other colours will be used now that yellow, orange, blue, green, red already exist.

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