dimanche 9 juillet 2006

Woes with words

"When language is limited, I am thereby diminished, too." - Madeleine L'Engle

I've been having such a problem communicating lately, no matter what language I use. I'm probably overwhelmed because I'm attempting to learn French, Cantonese and Hokkien at the same time that I'm working to improve the languages I do speak. I took Koine Greek last year but that didn't stick too well, evident of how fast I can lose even the basics of a written language much less spoken.

I guess the hardest thing has been writing on here, which explains why posts have been pretty sparse. It is summertime but I'm hoping my brain hasn't turned to mush yet. I still have lots of course work to finish up so I can't afford to lose my thinking at my point :) The weather has been lovely but the mosquitoes have been absolutely terrible; perhaps it's the vitamin D that I've been lacking for fear of going outside.

Maybe this comic can express what I've been going through these last few weeks. I learned a lot about discipline from God while I was away during May and June, only to come back home and crash into this bad habit again:

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