mercredi 12 juillet 2006

Regional differences

Can you tell the differences between the following Canadian English speakers? There are some parts where I can kind of detect a slight variation, but other parts sound identical to me.

1. British Columbia
2. Prairie (or this one)
3. Ontario (this one and this one might be better)
4. Quebec

I remember a few years ago at work when a British man came into the office and started speaking with us. One of the women who I worked with was also from the UK (do I say UK, England or Britain?) and right away, she could tell which region he came from and he could tell which one she came from. It's fascinating that in such a small country, there can be different accents whereas English seems to be pretty uniform across Canada. Granted, Maritime English is more distinctive but I can't automatically peg someone as a Torontonian or a Vancouverite simply from their accent - maybe through their choice of words or idioms but not otherwise.

* This is probably my favourite accent though :) Or this.

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