dimanche 9 juillet 2006

April Hometown Six

I'm behind on my Hometown Six pictures because I was away the last few months, but here they are a little late. April's challenge was "Self", which turned out to be more difficult than I thought. My interpretation is: these are a collection of pictures which I took during April where people asked me why I would take it in the first place. Well, I guess that is a way to describe myself!

I saw this sign in a lumber mill in a small Quebec town. Being the only Anglophone in the group, I snapped this which made the others realize that non-French speakers seem to find anything interesting :)

I love taking pictures of the sun directly, so I couldn't pass up this opportunity when we were driving through a cégep that some of my friends attend(ed). Much more than I can do with lens flare in Photoshop!

I don't think you'd find things like this in Calgary where poems are put up on the side of buildings, but the closest I've seen are "Words in Motion" where short poems are advertised on the buses. I saw this while I was waiting at a bus stop outside a Metro station.

This is a blurry picture that I took really quickly for my friends in Quebec. I got hooked onto the licence plate game a year ago and have been playing it ever since. However, the elusive 000, the number that you need to start the game, does not exist in Quebec so my friends have started at 001 instead.

I took this out of boredom/fun before Frank and Gordon ended up behind bars in the actual Bell advertisements. When I returned to Montreal in May, I saw some ads where Bertrand et Jacques (correct me if I'm wrong on their French names) were leg-cuffed and it was déjà vu!

Sigh, can one ever get enough of the Rocky Mountains? I definitely missed seeing them when I was living in Quebec so I'm glad I took this picture for when I headed back east again. One of my close friends who lived in Switzerland for a while commented that when she first saw these mountains, they reminded her of that country. Sweet. I am definitely grateful to see the Rockies behind the skyline from pretty much most places in Calgary.

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