lundi 19 juin 2006

Bienvenue à Cowtown

I have just survived a wedding and am finally getting caught up with everything from the past few months while I've been away. While I do consider Montréal to be my other home, I'm finding that I appreciate this home much more than I did before. When I went to church yesterday, walking in the doors was such a wonderful experience. I remember breathing a sigh of relief knowing that I was truly back and it was so freeing.

I do miss hearing French though and every time I hear it somewhere, I start to wander towards that direction. It's going to be a struggle for me not to forget everything I've learned but I'm praying that God will help the grammar and vocabulary to stay fresh in my mind. I am anxious to get back to Montréal but not so much that I am going to miss savouring the joy of being with family, friends, church and everything else here :)

* Would that make it a vache ville? Ville de vache? Hmmm.

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