vendredi 7 avril 2006

Going east

This post is in response to a question Esther asked me in my comments: Could you direct me to a few of your posts that describe how you started this Montreal adventure?

Well, I looked back in my archives and realized that I didn't write too much about how it all started. I did come across this post where I talked about my interest in French and how I was supposed to have gone to Montreal twice that year for missions trips but that they were both cancelled. So I guess I'll write a little bit here about how it all began.

My church has been interested in Quebec for quite some time now and a few years ago, they decided that they wanted to take an active part in adopting it as a mission field. This was how I first heard about ministry in that province. Hearing that the number of evangelical Christians in this province was less than 0.5% of the entire population, I was struck that the Quebecois were the most unreached people group in North America. When I attended college, I learned that it also had an interest in Quebec, which was more than a coincidence. During spring reading break, a group of students went on a missions trip there but I wasn't able to go until last year.

When I finally did, I was blown away by the people I became friends with and the needs of the city. I loved it and returned again for a friend's wedding a few months after my first trip. It took a little while of deciding between Montreal and Paris as my internship destination, but my heart rested with Montreal. So that is why I'm here now - completing my cross-cultural internship. Granted, it's been pretty bilingual and it's not technically overseas (where the rest of my classmates are) but I've loved this experience.

I don't know what's to come in the future; I just know that I'm so grateful for the opportunity to have lived here for a couple of months!

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