mardi 14 mars 2006

Turning back

As my friends around the world and I get ready to settle into our last month of cross-cultural fun, I've been reflecting on these last few years at college. I never would have guessed at how God brought me from high school to where I am today. In fact, I didn't even expect to attend a Christian college! All I remember from then was a yearning to learn even more about Jesus and how I figured that spending a year deep in the Bible and with other Christians would feed my soul so much. And it has - immensely.

After my first year, I wasn't quite sure what to do so I stuck around for a second year. This was the first time that I changed my major; I was now in youth ministry. I loved working with the kids from my church and being a part of their lives for three years. I didn't think I was called to be a youth pastor so I was left with a slight nagging feeling of what I could really do with my degree. At that time, my two loves were youth ministry and videography (it's really reflected in the beginning of my blog).

During my second year, I had to take another missions course in order to graduate with my diploma. That was around the same time that I was thinking about switching majors and upon going through the list of programs at my school, I told my friends, "I will never be a missions major." This was uttered in the same breath as other programs which honestly, I would never be caught dead in. But I love how God has a sense of humour....

That missions class changed my life forever! It was then that I accidentally learned the name of the Chinese language that I speak and felt that God had really placed a burden on my heart for what I was learning in that course. I knew I had found my place and so right after I graduated, I quickly switched my major again.

And now I have to go, so the story will continue at a later time :)

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