vendredi 31 mars 2006

Something about fish

It's April Fools Day tomorrow, otherwise known as poisson d'avril in French.

Oh, today was such a beautiful day! It's springtime and people are so different than their winter selves. I've felt that this week as I spent some time downtown. It's funny because in my mind, Montreal seemed to be perpetually cold except for a few spared months. So it's a strange sensation to be on the same streets but without snow and where people are in t-shirts and shorts! It's been nice being outside but I think my remaining weeks here are going to be spent doing lots and lots of homework - catching up on everything I put off during March. I was supposed to finish my distance ed already but when I purchased a monthly transit pass, I knew I needed to use it and so I've been capitalizing that pass for all its worth this past month. Unfortunately, I'll be spending a lot of time in April away from downtown, just when it's been warming up!

And in semi-related stuff, here's a link I found a while ago for learning franglais. I sent it to my friend and she called it "Butchering French 101" but she did agree that it was funny. I'm just happy that I can understand some of the jokes on there.

*Update: As Esther has pointed out, the Franglais site really is terrible. It's very much shock humour (or whatever you call it) and the only thing I got out of it was that the bits of French they had on there were somewhat understandable to me... if you're a native Montrealer/Quebecker, you will hate it. My apologies if it ends up offending anyone!

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