samedi 25 mars 2006

Reinventing video rentals

I just went to a Videoself store today and learned about the wonderful world of 24/7 movie availability and automated DVD vending machines :) I guess it's a new franchise that started up in Montréal but I wouldn't be surprised if this concept caught on elsewhere in Canada. If I recall correctly, the movie that we rented today only cost something like fifty cents! And in true Canadian style, you can even watch a video of how the store works in French and in English. The selection is much less than that of a traditional video store but the costs are lower with a smaller store space and the presence of just one worker during business hours. The ability to reserve titles online prior to getting to the store is a pretty cool feature as well. The skeptical side of me worries about the increasing reclusiveness factor - dealing with a machine rather than a person - but honestly, as a college student I would love to pay that little to see movies!

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